Amy Phillips

Welcome, friends!


I’m Amy Phillips and welcome to my journey from fear to faith.

I’m most importantly a lover of Jesus, then a wife, mother, pastor, speaker, and podcaster. I became an ordained Pastor through Messenger Fellowship in 2014. I was a staff pastor (Women’s and then Connection Pastor) at The Gate Community Church from 2009 until May 2019 (with one year off in 2013!) Now God is doing a new thing and I’m jumping in with both feet. I’m available for speaking at retreats, congregations, or on podcasts! I am also available with Pow{h}er 432 Ministries for complete women’s retreats and/or worship movement for a retreat or event.


So glad you are here. I hope you find a refuge of faith here in my podcast and teachings. These teachings are from my own life lessons of walking with Jesus. He and I have been on a journey of love since I was 18. I didn’t know then all that we would go through together and how much I needed Him, but He has stayed so near to me through sickness, death, and all the ins and outs of being a wife, mom, co-worker, and friend. I have by no means “gotten there”, but we are getting there together. On this journey I have had to fight hard against fear and allow faith to grow. It’s been a process that’s still going, but I have much greater faith that Jesus will finish what He started in me! (and you!) Jesus has changed me, transformed me, delivered me from all kinds of stuff and I believe He wants that for you as well!

I hope to impart crazy, outrageous faith in all my messages that cause you to believe in a God who not only formed you, but created you with an overwhelming love. And I hope we laugh while doing it!


Much love,



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